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Inventory as of 7/30/2014        
Manufacturer Part Number Description Qty Price
IBM 84G0505 IBM 84G0505 AC ADAPTER 1 $25.00
IBM 84G1203 IBM 84G1203 344MB HARD DRIVE 1 $25.00
IBM 84G2146 IBM 84G2146 LAPTOP BATTERY Call $Call
IBM 84G2252 IBM 84G2252 SYSTEM BOARD 360/360C/360CS/360P Call $Call
IBM 84G2253 IBM 84G2253 DC/DC CARD Call $Call
IBM 84G2269 IBM 84G2269 1.44MB DISKETTE DRIVE 45 $25.00
IBM 84G2274 IBM 84G2274 BASE COVER TP360 Call $Call
IBM 84G2277 IBM 84G2277 AC ADAPTER 30 WATT Call $Call
IBM 84G2529 IBM 84G2529 BLACK KEYBOARD Call $Call
IBM 84G2530 IBM 84G2530 NUMERIC KEYPAD BLACK 1 $25.00
IBM 84G3616 IBM 84G3616 3546 AUDIO CARD ASM 1 $25.00
IBM 84G5665 IBM 84G5665 LCD PANEL 2620 360PE Call $Call
IBM 84G5705 IBM 84G5705 INSULATOR 355X/360X Call $Call
IBM 84G5711 IBM 84G5711 BASE COVER ASM 360C Call $Call
IBM 84G5718 IBM 84F5718 STATUS INDICATOR ASM 360C Call $Call
IBM 84G5719 IBM 84G5719 LCD ASM 355C/360C/36OCE Call $Call
IBM 84G5896 IBM 84G5896 KEYBOARD Call $Call
IBM 84G6495 IBM 84G6495 KEYBOARD 4 $25.00
IBM 84G6547 IBM 84G6547 LED ASM Call $Call
IBM 84G6549 IBM 84G6549 FRONT IR ASM Call $Call
IBM 8503 IBM 8503 12 MONO VGA" Call $Call
IBM 8504 IBM 8504 12 MONO VGA" Call $Call
IBM 8508 IBM 8508 MONO 19 IMAGE" Call $Call
IBM 8509162 IBM 5140 POWER SUPPLY ENHANCED 8509162 1 $50.00
IBM 8512 IBM 8512 14 VGA" 1 $75.00
IBM 8513 IBM 8513 12 VGA" Call $Call
IBM 8514 IBM 8514 16 SVGA" Call $Call
IBM 8515 IBM 8515 14 SVGA" Call $Call
IBM 8516 IBM 8516 14 SVGA TOUCH SCREEN" Call $Call
IBM 8518 IBM 8518 14 VGA" Call $Call
IBM 8525-001 IBM 8525-001 SYSTEM Call $Call
IBM 8525-004 IBM 8525-004 SYSTEM ** NO FLOPPY DRIVE ** 2 $175.00
IBM 8525-L02 IBM 8525-L02 SYSTEM ** NO FLOPPY DRIVE ** 2 $195.00
IBM 8529152 IBM XT FLOPPY CONTROLLER 8529152 25 $25.00
IBM 8529155 IBM 8529155 PC POWER SUPPLY 63.5W 6447195 5 $55.00
IBM 8529205 IBM 5150 SYSTEM BOARD 16-64K 8529205 Call $Call
IBM 8529212 IBM 64/256K MEMORY EXPANSION BD 8529212 Call $Call
IBM 8529247 IBM 8529247 XT POWER SUPPLY 130 WATT 6447192 1501439 2 $65.00
IBM 8529251 IBM 5161 RECEIVER CARD 8529251 Call $Call
IBM 8529254 IBM XT SYTEM BOARD 256K-640K 8529254 Call $Call
IBM 8529297 IBM 8529297 PC XT 83 KEY KEYBOARD Call $Call
IBM 8530-002 IBM 8530-002 SYSTEM Call $Call
IBM 8530-021 IBM 8530-021 COMPUTER Call $Call
IBM 8530-E21 IBM 8530-E21 COMPUTER 8530-286 Call $Call
IBM 8550-031 IBM 8550-031 8550Z SYSTEM Call $Call
IBM 8555-031 IBM 8555-031 55SX SYSTEM Call $Call
IBM 8555-061 IBM 8555-061 55SX SYSTEM Call $Call
IBM 8560-071 IBM 8560-071 COMPUTER Call $Call
IBM 8563236 IBM 8563236 DISPLAY Call $Call
IBM 8570-061 IBM 8570-061 COMPUTER Call $Call
IBM 8570-121 IBM 8570-121 COMPUTER Call $Call
IBM 8575392 IBM 8575392 20MB 3174 HARD DRIVE Call $Call
IBM 85F0011 IBM 320MB SCSI HARD DRIVE 85F0011 Call $Call
IBM 85F0012 IBM 400MB SCSI HD 85F0012 Call $Call
IBM 85F0028 IBM 8540 RISER CARD 85F0028 1 $25.00
IBM 85F0046 IBM 8580 386 25MHZ SYSTEM BOARD 85F0046 Call $Call
IBM 85F0063 IBM SCSI HD CONTROLLER W/CACHE 85F0063 10 $25.00
IBM 85F0298 IBM 8556/57SLC SYSTEM BOARD 386 20MHZ 85F0298 12 $25.00
IBM 85F0959 IBM 85F0959 INTERPOSER CARD 355X/360/360C/360CS/360P Call $Call
IBM 85G0961 IBM 85G0961 810MB HARD DRIVE 1 $35.00
IBM 85G1140 IBM 85G1140 DSP CARD ASM 755CX Call $Call
IBM 85G1141 IBM 85G1141 SYSTEM BOARD 3 $25.00
IBM 85G1489 IBM 85G1489 10.4 TFT LCD ASM 2 $40.00
IBM 85G1496 IBM 85G1496 UPPER SHIELD CASE Call $Call
IBM 85G1500 IBM 85G1500 DC/DC CARD DX4 CPU 1 $40.00
IBM 85G1563 IBM 85G1563 REAR IR ASM Call $Call
IBM 85G1885 IBM 85G1885 VIDEO CARD ASM 2 $30.00
IBM 85G1886 IBM 85G1886 INTERPOSER CARD 3 $25.00
IBM 85G1896 IBM 85G1896 GAME PORT CONVERSION CABLE 85G1879 14 $25.00
IBM 85G1897 IBM 85G1897 VIDEO CONVERTER CABLE 85G1880 5 $25.00
IBM 85G1914 IBM 85G1914 2X CD ROM DRIVE 84G6361 9 $25.00
IBM 85G1934 IBM 85G1934 S VIDEO CARD 3 $25.00
IBM 85G2409 IBM 85G2409 SYSTEM BOARD Call $Call
IBM 85G3599 IBM 85G3599 540MB HARD DRIVE Call $Call
IBM 85G3683 IBM 85G3683 2.1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE 1 $85.00
IBM 85G4952 IBM 85G4952 AC ADAPTER 35 WATT 2 $25.00
IBM 85G5926 IBM 82G5926 270MB HARD DRIVE Call $Call
IBM 85G6689 IBM 85G6689 35 WATT AC ADAPTER Call $Call
IBM 85G6701 IBM 85G6701 35 WATT AC ADAPTER 1 $25.00
IBM 85G6707 IBM 85G6707 AC ADAPTER 85G6706 1 $25.00
IBM 85G6738 IBM 85G6738 AC ADAPTER 85G6737 2 $25.00
IBM 85G8545 IBM 85G8545 BASE COVER ASM 755CX Call $Call
IBM 85G8546 IBM 85G8546 LCD ASM 755CX TFT SVGA Call $Call
IBM 85G8547 IBM 85G8547 TOP COVER 755CX Call $Call
IBM 85G8548 IBM 85G8548 SYSTEM BOARD 755CX Call $Call
IBM 85G8549 IBM 85G8549 1.2GB HARD DRIVE 1 $30.00
IBM 85G8550 IBM 85G8550 PROCESSOR CARD 755CX Call $Call
IBM 85G8551 IBM 85G8551 DC/DC CARD PENT CPU 755CX/755CV/755CDV 1 $25.00
IBM 85G8568 IBM 85G8568 BATTERY TERMINAL 755CX 755CV Call $Call
IBM 85G9646 IBM 85G9646 STATUS INDICATOR ASM PE360 Call $Call
IBM 85G9672 IBM 85G9672 INTERPOSER CARD 6 $25.00
IBM 85G9678 IBM 85G9678 LCD ASM 2620 360PE Call $Call

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